Tuesday, October 9, 2007


Well, fall is here, and winter is around the corner. I didn't post anything all summer, but it was fun. This is a picture of Buzz chillin by the lake near Brighton Ski resort. We were kickin' it at a cabin up there last weekend.

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Our Temple Sealing

About 4 years ago, the missionaries came to our house to talk to Noah and Buzz about the church. Noah was 9 and Buzz had just turned 8. Sarah and I were not active in our church at the time. We felt like we wanted something more for our family, we knew that we needed a change. We thought that we would give our boys the oppurtunity to see if they were interested in being baptized. Elder Moon and his companion came over and taught us a discussion. At that time he invited us to be sealed in the temple as a family for time and all eternity. He ripped out a page from his flipchart, it was a picture of the Salt Lake Temple. He wrote across the bottom "Our goal 1 year". The spirit was very strong, and we felt it.

From that moment on, even until today, Sarah has lived her life with a very strong testimony of the truth of gospel. I was a little slower to come around. It was another nine months before I was able to overcome some of my vices. About that same time, we moved into Marrcrest. We met with the bishopric, and we really loved the ward. At that time we determined it would be another year before we could move forward with our plans to be sealed.

All along we had the ripped flipchart photo of the Salt Lake Temple hanging in the most visible part of the house. We were constantly reminded of that first visit by the missionaries, the spirit we felt, and our goal to be sealed.

In the summer of 05' (about 2 years ago), we met our one year goal and got called to serve as primary teachers. But our goal to be sealed seemed almost unattainable at that time. In order to be sealed our choices were to do an adoption or get a signed permission letter. The adoption would have been not only costly and time consuming, but unlikely. We were concerned that he would allow us to be sealed, let alone adopt. As we made efforts to contact him, our hopes of getting it done quickly were diminished. He had moved from place to place, had changed numbers and even some of his freinds didn't know how to get a hold of him. This went on for 6 months or so.

We finally did touch base with him, and to our suprise he was on board with signing the paperwork. We typed up a letter, and gave him a copy. We also set a date with the temple, and made some invitations. Although he had agreed verbally, we spent another year trying to track him down so he could follow through, this was one of 3 letters that he agreed to sign yet never returned.

I was especially frustrated one Saturday about the situation. We felt like we had made great progress over our first 2 years, but we felt like we hadn't done much recently. I decided to ask Heavenly Father what I needed to do to improve the deal. I felt very strongly that we needed to be sealed, even if we couldnt get the kids there with us, that at least Sarah and I needed to do it.
The next Sunday at church the Bishop, talked about a daughter that was baptized before her father was worthy to do it, and that it was better for her to get it done as soon as possible rather than wait for her father. He talked about the importance of us doing everything we can today to be in compliance with the commandments.

So, we set the date for Friday May 25, 2007. At this point in time, we did not have a letter of permission, and did not know where to get it. It was the same scenario we had been dealing with for almost 2 years, and we were determined to make it happen over the next 25 days. 3 weeks went by and not much progress was made. We had invited some close family members, but we could not find any new info on how we might get the written permission.

Monday came, and still no luck. Wednesday was coming fast, and we started thinking of alternatives. Sarah and I didn't feel right about getting sealed without the boys, we nearly called it off. Wednesday morning came along and we were to be at the temple at 4:00ish. at 11:30 Sarah's brother had given us a number to call, it was the right one. I had the paperwork signed by 12:00. I couldn't beleive it. I faxed over the information to the temple (it had to be approved), and we got our kids set up for interviews with the Bishop and Stake President. By 3:30 we were on our way to the Timponogas Temple as a family, 4 hours earlier we expected to miss our appointment at the temple.

It was a beautiful ceremony, even with Olivia's big black eye. The sealing room was totally packed and many of the guests hadn't even expected the whole family to be there. It was a very special moment for all of us. I am very blessed, and I know that God made that happen.

Where did June go?

I don't know if it was baseball season or just the heat, but last month was a blur. We are doing well, and if I could think of one thing that happened to us last month I could tell you all about it. I'm sure that it was pretty eventful, Sarah is working like crazy, the kids are busy playing all day. We had a good baseball season, Olivia and Buzz are doing tennis lessons. The boys and I went on an overnight scout camping trip, and have been busy with the young men in the ward. I only played golf twice the whole month of June!? I must have been busy.

Wow, my new years resolution (see 07" post) is failing miserably.

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

May Update

The family is doing great. We are glad to have some warm weather. Soccer season is over and baseball has just begun. I have the pleasure of coaching Noah and Buzz this year. They both are really enjoying it so far. Sarah is busy working, and Olivia is about to start another soccer camp, and tennis lessons. My life is staying busy as well. Being a dad is time consuming enough, with work and baseball, I barely have time to play on a city league basketball team and an office softball team. I also have a new calling as the Deacons quorum advisor, so Ym's every wednesday and campouts, scout trips etc. it is a lot of fun, I will miss the primary though. The crazy part is I somehow find time to get in a couple 9 hole rounds of golf a week. I still have my priorities straight.

All in all, life is good. March and April were busy enough that I neglected my new goal of trying to stay in touch with everyone. I'm sure nobody noticed but I still am going to try.

Friday, January 5, 2007


Attempting this blog thing one more time, my last efforts were... lets just say, not so good. I have been reading some of your blogs, (although I never post anything on them) I think they are sweet. So in 07' I will be trying to keep in touch better then I have in the past. This is one of my many new years resolutions. It was cool to see everyone at Kellems house the other night, it has been forever since I have seen most of the people that were there. I realized that I havent been keeping ya'll up to date on what is going on at the Stenquist residence, not that anybody would lose any sleep over it, but this year I will do better.

So to get you all up-to-date, this is the most recent family pic. Dont we look so happy! Buzz is sporting his magnum.

Noah (12) our oldest, he loves music, cell phones, x-box, and cruisin with his buddies and cousins. He enjoys young mens' activities and scouts. He spends most of his time beatin' on his little brother.

Teran (10), infamously known as "Buzz" spends most of his time finding ways to piss his brother off, and usually ends up getting beat up for it. He loves suger, soda, swords, books, x-box, and anything really that has to do with killing stuff. He is a really great kid, he loves stories and has a great memory for details. He loves to torment his baby sister.

Olivia (8) is a tough girl, and can take anything her brothers can dish out, and she can dish it too. She is also a sweet, kind, and thoughtful daughter. She is loads of fun and loves to hang out with her best freind (her mom). She also loves babysitting her cousin Spencer, and hanging out with her cousins. She is a great soccer player, and also enjoys listening to music and singing.
Sarah is working part time, and spends all of her time being a mom and cooking dang good food. I spend most of my time working, I'm pretty boring. But we spend a lot of time together as a family and with local extended family.
This year she and I have all kinds of goals and expectations. We set all the usuall new years resolutions; looking good in a swimsuit, more vacations, eating better, working out, doing our geneology, and a variety of financial adjustments. All of which will probably last until mid-Febuary. After some legal hurdles, we also plan on being sealed in the Mt. Timpanogas Temple. A goal that has been a long drawn out frustration that at times has seemed impossible, but we have had some miraculous changes that have opened the door. We are ready to get that monkey off our back.
Looking forward to a cool 07'